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Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
we certainly didn't have an answer for him. >> a lot of people have gotten hurt counting the ravens out, though, haven't they? >> yeah, they, you know, it looks like, you know, the last few years, the team that gets hot at the end of the year is the one that wins the super bowl. two years ago, you know, we barely made it into the playoffs, as a wild card team and then ended up winning the super bowl. last year the giants got hot at the end of the year. you know the ravens, i think they lost four out of five at the end of the season. but they're getting people healthy. and you know, they're playing with a lot of confidence now. and i think, you know, the emotion, and you know, the leadership of ray lewis has been key to them. >> yeah. i think about the nfl, and i i mean it's a fascinating subject to discuss. i think about roger goodell, i think he's phenomenal. i don't know if i'd want that job. here he has maybe the greatest, you know, he's sort of the caretaker of the greatest brand maybe in the world, at least in the sports world, and yet there's all these things that seem that i'
Jan 22, 2013 6:00am EST
ravens fan, too. >> no. i mean, i'm happy they're in the super bowl. i like the harbaugh versus harbaugh thing, but the redskins are my team. that's where my heart is, man. >> and duke is back. are they number one sthp. >> yes. >> louisville lost to syracuse the. >> we're number one again, but we're not going to be the same until we get ryan kelly back. so we're going to have to watch that. that's the key to whether we go deep into the postseason. >> i got home yesterday and i turned on cincinnati was up six or seven over syracuse. they had just beat louisville. and you said, you know what? if i watch this they're going to lose, and they did. >> you're the curse. >> joe, who do you like in the super bowl? i want to get that out there first. >> i -- i -- i'm inclined to see the 49ers, but then i saw the ravens and the ravens and are tough and that guy is good. flacco is really good. new england is no pushover and they manhandled them, you know, to my chagrin. i was hoping for a patriots/49ers matchup. weren't you? >> no. i wanted the brother thing. but i can't decide who is the s
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am EST
. really? how much did brady make to get beaten by the ravens up in new england? you've got the nfl owners next week. i think you should ask every one of them if their player did as much for their teams as lloyd did for goldman. >> that's what i was telling them. stop -- you know, sorkin was beating him up. >> yeah, you know -- >> looked like lloyd was -- >> the workers should mean the production. >> it's all about fairness. >> and you came up with the rap that, you did better than everybody else, but you're not doing as good as letterman. >> years of paying them. >> i hope this isn't -- >> not enough. it's not enough. but if the price of oil goes up, and that has nothing to do with an oil company ceo, i don't see why that leads them to be paid. likewise, it's not the case now, but during the crisis, the government saved these guys' butts. and that returned them to profitability. and then their pay went up based on their profitability. >> all i'm trying to -- >> it's a case by case basis. >> lloyd denies that. i'm with you, though, austin, i believe that. but at the same time, now i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3